Real-Time Strategy and Nation Simulation


Grow your tribe from a single primitive settlement to a technologically advanced civilization. Compete with other tribes for control of territory and resources as you form alliances and make enemies.


Experience a new world each time you play


Custom Unit Design

Pick from a variety of weapon, vehicle, armor, and engine combinations to create more than a thousand unique units. Create the units you need to defend your settlements or fight enemies abroad.

Complex Research

Carefully balance research projects and finances to explore a deep and progressive research system. Race towards technological supremacy and use your hard earned knowledge to raise your tribe above all others.


Dynamic Worlds

Multi-Seed based world generation factors in elevation, temperature, precipitation and more to create dynamic worlds. Explore a new map with each game or share your favorite seeds with your friends.

Statistical Depth

View data on everything from your tribe’s economy to the health, education and desires of its citizens. Use the information available to you to carefully manage your tribe’s development.